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Grow Your Fundraising, Impact, and Peace of Mind

Magnify Your Mission System

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How you can move from a “cap-in-hand” charity to a robust nonprofit organization with systems and a strategy to accomplish its goals.

You’d think…

…… that if you help a national nonprofit 2x their revenue,
save $1 million in the bank, increase their staff by 40%, and secure massive sponsors you’d feel successful… 
…..but in reality I was burnt out and
  • wasn’t sleeping enough or taking care of myself
  • pushing myself to the limit meeting with potential donors to share our mission from California to Florida
  • stressed from constant pressure to come up with the next ideas to keep up engagement and momentum
Although I knew my high engagement approach worked, it drained me.

That’s  when my board president said, “Looks like you’re going to have to travel even more to keep growing the network!”  And it hit me like a ton of bricks. Engagement gets results when I could get in front of the right people with the right message, but my work had to be both sustainable and meaningful.  

Running a nonprofit requires big hearts, but more importantly big budgets.

We are long past the days of appealing only to donors’ sympathies. 

Nonprofit organizational growth means building a culture of excellence and accountability to acheive sustainable growth. 

With the Magnify Your Mission System, I help nonprofit executives focus on 5 key areas for expansion without sacrificing their health or sanity.

Magnify Your Mission System

Hi, I’m Amy Fazio, Nonprofit Whisperer and Founder of the Magnify Your Mission System

Throughout my 25-year career I’ve been a community builder by serving as an educator, volunteer, coach, fundraiser, community organizer, community health counselor, nonprofit executive, CEO, consultant, and board member.

My diverse perspective and first-hand experience over the years has taught me that we have big challenges and we need big systems change to solve them.

The Magnify Your Mission (MYM) System was born!  I’ve boiled down my proven process that I’ve used to raise millions and millions of dollars, build social movements of support, and brokered exciting coalitions and partnerships with private, public, and nonprofit stakeholders.

Are you done with the 24/7 hustle, unrealistic expectations on a shoestring budget, lackluster support from board and community, tired of begging for money, or never sure where the funding is coming from next?

I designed MYM System to support nonprofit organizations 3 ways.

Choose the way you want to magnify your mission.

Keynote and workshop: More than a mission it’s a movement

The MYM Mastermind

MYM Strategic Planning

With the MYM system, burnout will no longer be your default. You’ll be able to champion your cause, raise funds and grow your nonprofit sustainably and successfully.  

You will:

Set clear and simple goals with an uncomplicated business model to get there.​

Be excited to share your story and ask for the right help you need. No more thinking small.

Simplify systems to avoid busy work and activities that don’t lead to revenue growth.

Ruthlessly prioritize and right-size your energy and resources to fit the goals. Doing only the things that have a great impact.

Trust yourself to advocate for what you need from partners and funders clearly and confidently.


This is what some past Magnify Your Mission had to say about the way the system changed their approach to fundraising

Amy was a critical team member for our organization, hands down. Now that we're at cruising altitude, I can honestly say it was thanks to Amy helping me focus on the bigger picture that helped us to get there.
Stephen Machuga
[Amy's] ability to quickly sift through the organization, my goals, messaging, and services and determine a path for generating revenue and sustaining the organization.
Becky Large
Champion Autism Network
Amy is changing the paradigm of nonprofit fundraising and how we position ourselves with our funders and partners
Marie Timpano
Executive Director

Together, we’ll build the foundation to simplified and maximized leadership and fundraising. We’ll create a clear path forward to raise more money and help more people – without the chaos and uncertainty.

The Magnify Your Mission® System works throughout the organization to create a growth mindset, identify opportunities, and cut through the noise and distractions. Through highly customized training modules and coaching, you’ll learn to simplify systems, strengthen fundraising strategies, and leverage your unique value and style.