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How I Help My Clients...

You’d think that if you help a national nonprofit 2x their revenue,
$1 million in the bank, increase their staff by 40%, and secure massive sponsors
 you’d feel satisfied…

In reality, I was burned out. But let’s take a step back.

No More Playing Small.

If you’re like the many amazing people we work with, you are a powerful nonprofit leader with a big heart and big ideas, boldly and courageously showing up each day to tackle the heavy lifting of leadership and fundraising. 

But, let’s be honest. As a passionate leader, it can be frustrating if your work is not valued or if your mission is losing momentum and something seems to be blocking it’s scalability.

You got into this work to drive change and help people, not spin your wheels.

Every day, Magnify Your Mission™ is helping nonprofit leaders get unstuck and shift to a growth mindset that drives success in every way. 

Imagine how you will scale your organization when you outgrow overwhelm and strengthen your strategy!

Build Capacity…      Increase Engagement…     Raise More Money…

​You Got This!