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Unleash Your Board Superpowers

July 25, 2024 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

July 25 event with Amy Fazio

Nonprofit Power Hour with Amy Fazio

Free Webinar + Q&A

Do you want the board’s help raising money? Getting the word out? Making introductions?

Instead, are they

  • confused and finding it difficult to make decisions.
  • diving into the details and micromanaging everything. 
  • slow to respond to emails or jump in to help. 
  • not donating or attending meetings.


Did you know the #1 reason nonprofit leaders quit is because of bad board relations? 

This isn’t about board bashing because here’s a secret – you get the board you build. 

  • If you keep them in the program details, they will go into the weeds
  • If you pass everything by them always getting their advice, they will micromanage
  • If you expect them to grow in nonprofit maturity without training and professional development, they will stay stuck


Do you want a highly functioning and engaged board? I get it. 

Here’s the good news – you can build a better board and set them up for success so they can help you attract stakeholders, raise money, and think strategically. 

Reasons to attend:

  • Board roles and responsibilities
  • Top tips to engage your board for success
  • Q&A – bring your board-building questions


Boards are full of good people but the system is messy. You are the master facilitator in designing the best board possible. (they don’t put that in the ED job description 😉)

We’re going deep on what makes a good board tick and it’s not the light fluffy stuff – I’m giving you some MYM gold that I only share with my clients and based on 30 years of experience working with boards.

Join our Nonprofit Power Hour free Webinar – Unleash Your Board Superpowers on July 25.

“Changing the world is hard, fundraising doesn’t have to be.”  ~ Amy

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Why Amy Fazio?

Amy is on a mission to create a world of fearless fundraisers by helping nonprofit executives save time and stress while creating more money, mission impact, and peace of mind.

For more than 25 years, Amy has been advancing nonprofit missions as a nonprofit CEO, growth strategist, keynote speaker, and creator of the Magnify Your Mission System – her signature method to help nonprofits fast-track their big vision.

"Amy was a critical member for our organization, hands down. Now that we’re at cruising altitude, I can honestly say it was thanks to Amy helping me focus on the bigger picture that helped to get us there."
Stephen Machuga
Executive Director, Stack Up
"[Amy’s] ability to quickly sift through the organization, my goals, messaging, services and determine a path for generating revenue and sustaining the organization to continue our mission."
Becky Large
Executive Director, Champion Autism Network

Unleash Your Board Superpowers!

Amy has been advancing nonprofit missions for more than 25 years. She has the skills, experience, and track record to help you improve your strategies and achieve your goals for sustained momentum without the burnout.  

We LOVE action-takers! These training and Q&A webinars are designed for Amy to give personalized advice you can implement straight away that will save you time and stress.

Live, Free Monthly Q&A Sessions with Amy Fazio isn’t just about “putting out a fire” – it’s also about leadership and learning to discern the busy work from the power moves to create sustainable, stress-free fundraising for big impact. 

  • Get personalized advice on strategic planning and fundraising 
  • Receive focused feedback that helps you stay on track and reach your goals
  • Take advantage of monthly Q&A sessions to save time 
  • Implement new strategies immediately and get results fast