More than a mission, you're building a movement!

Together, we will...

YAS! You’re ready to put into place a simple and clear path to growing your capacity, engagement, and fundraising to achieve your BIG vision without the burnout.

You’re a passionate leader with a clear and ambitious vision for your community. Mission and Impact are your top priorities, yet you continuously find yourself in the hamster wheel of fundraising and the politics of nonprofit management.
Using my proven Magnify Your Mission system™, I help my inner circle of big-hearted, badass nonprofit execs with the inner game and actionable steps to…


Engage and grow your community online and in-between fundraisers.


Create a simple, diversified fundraising formula to declutter the busywork.


Clarify your message and value proposition so your tribe can find YOU!

I will give you the steps to easily attract your tribe, raise money quickly, and the foundation to grow for years to come.

I created the Magnify your Mission System because I know as a nonprofit leader you wear many hats, the list is long, and the need is great.

I’m passionate about helping nonprofit leaders grow their mission by creating simple systems of engagement to create transformational change for our communities.

Picture this ~ It’s Dec and you’re feeling confident in your momentum, ability to effectively engage your community, and growing your revenue consistently without doing ALL THE THINGS.

You Decide ~ Instead of scarcity, uncertainty, and hustle, do you want


The Magnify methodology involves thorough analysis, clear vision, and goal setting, along with honest discussion so our clients can remain loyal to their vision.

Our clients value our ability to skillfully facilitate meaningful, and at times difficult, discussions around where they are, where they want to be, and what they need to do to get there.

Meet Amy

You’d think that if you help a national nonprofit 2x their revenue, $1 million in the bank, increase their staff by 40%, and secure massive sponsors you’d feel satisfied… in reality, I was burned out.

But let’s take a step back.

As a CEO of a national trade association we were updating, upgrading, and getting amazing results. I should have felt satisfied, happy even with our successes. It wasn’t that difficult to expand our outreach. It wasn’t that hard to engage with potential donors. Truthfully, it wasn’t even that hard to raise money. So you might think it was a huge success.

In reality, I was burned out. I wasn’t sleeping, I was waking up early to catch flights and deliver my elevator speeches in boardrooms and engage our community from Florida to California. The insane pressure to keep the momentum going was very real. No doubt my approach worked – the focus, magnetic message, clear value proposition, and engagement led to more money and more mission.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks when my board president said – “Looks like you’re going to have to travel more to bring even more people in the network!!!”

Engagement gets results when I could get in front of the right people with the right message but it had to be both sustainable and meaningful.

And I started to wonder if I could show other people how to leverage their rel

I began sharing my process that had raised millions and millions of dollars
~ my secret sauce.

Throughout my 25-year career I’ve been a community builder – an educator, volunteer, coach, fundraiser, community organizer, community health counselor, nonprofit executive, CEO, consultant, and board member.

My diverse perspective and first-hand experience over the years have taught me that we have big challenges and we need big systems change to solve them.

I created the Magnify Your Mission System to help nonprofit executives at every stage of growth to declutter their fundraising, magnify their message, supercharge their engagement, and call in the resources they need to make their BIG Vision real. 

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

The Magnify your Mission System™ will help you

Here’s what the program looks like

Using the Magnify Your Mission System we will help you connect the dots for ultimate brand positioning to fast track your mission and make your big-hearted vision UNSTOPPABLE.

If you want to build your capacity, confidence, and fundraising no matter what is happening in the world (like a pandemic) and whether you’re new to nonprofits or you’re already bringing in millions of dollars – THIS IS IT.

You will get time-saving resources, masterclasses, accountability, and expert support to move your nonprofit from struggle to success.

After 25 years of nonprofit experience and having raised millions and millions of dollars, I have created a simple process to help you supercharge your fundraising and make your BIG VISION REAL faster.

The Magnify Your Mission Program includes so many ways to learn!

⭐️  1-1 sessions with me (Six 1-1 sessions over 12 weeks) so I can walk you through step-by-step my proven system to build resources and capacity by decluttering the busy work.

⭐️ Access to the Magnify your Mission Library* – filled with program modules and masterclasses for you to work through and implement at your own pace.

⭐️ Membership in The Nonprofit CoLAB Facebook community for support and guidance as you implement your plan. It’s my inner-circle community of leaders – you’re gonna love it!

⭐️ Weekly Group Mastermind Calls with me for the community, training, and implementation support.

⭐️ GUEST EXPERT trainings in topics like grants, government funding, finance, digital fundraising, and email marketing.


*The Magnify Your Mission Library is organized and easy to navigate based on where you are and where you want to go next. You decide. Don’t worry though, we’ll help guide you to the right training for you, right now.  

It includes 8 modules with worksheets, video trainings, and masterclasses on  Fundraising, Community Building, Strategic Planning, Governance & Leadership, Magnetic Messaging, and more to help you and your team.

You will learn how to:

> Engage your community online and in-between fundraises,

> Create a strategic planning process to clarify, prioritize and create a culture of accountability and focus.

> Craft your magnetic messaging that attracts your ideal donors for the Easy Ask Fundraising method.

> Map out a simple fundraising plan focused on your ideal donors who are ready to give.

> Prioritize and structure Strategic Partnerships that energize you and move you forward.


You're invited to apply! The Magnify Your Mission Program is

we will map out and begin implementing your community engagement and fundraising strategy that will help you raise money for years to come

FAQs - You May Be Wondering...

That’s the point – if you don’t pivot to simplify, you will never be ready to grow. You will have reached capacity. This program helps you breakthrough that pattern.

Listen, sometimes you really don’t have the money and it makes no sense to apply if you don’t have the time and resources to invest. I get it!

But if you’re determined to make this happen, then know this: I only enroll nonprofit execs when I see potential in the idea and the leadership.

If you’re willing to show up and do the work you’ll have your investment back quickly. Need a payment plan – no problem! Let’s talk –

You are the pro. Keeping up in best practices around programming, governance, management, fundraising and more is no small feat. The truth is you are busy and so close to it that the needed tweaks can be hard to see. Investing in your professional development is key to personal and organizational growth. And doesn’t a community of peers to cheer you on sound amazing!

I love working with foundations to help grantees fast-track their vision and capitalize on capacity-building investments. The program will help them leverage the gift to raise more money, build their community, and engage their partners and supporters to make meaningful change.

Email Amy to discuss group programs –

Testimonial and Results!

Sounds great, how much?

The next few months are going to be amazing as we work 1-1 to implement the

Easy ASK Method

Like my client who doubled their revenue in only 9 months!!!!

So what’s this long-term investment worth that can help me double my annual revenue quickly?

I have charged as much as $4800 for this program and even more for strategic planning but I want to make this easy for you…

Plus, this program continues to get more amazing results and I want as many nonprofits as possible to be able to participate.

So, today, you can enroll for only…


(and yes we have payment plans!)

So – if you’re done piecing together the free bits of training & content all over the internet and you want my eyes on your strategy and path forward then let’s do it!


1. Answer a few questions
2. Make a $100 deposit
3. Schedule a brief call with me to confirm the program is a good fit