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Magnify Your Mission™

I am SO excited for you to create a simple and clear path to ​grow YOUR capacity, engagement and fundraising to $250,000, $500,000, and even $1,500,000+ to achieve your BIG vision.
Together, we will build the foundation to simplified and maximized leadership and fundraising. We’ll create a clear path forward to raise more money and help more people – without the chaos and uncertainty.

The Magnify Your Mission™ System works throughout the organization to create a growth mindset, identify opportunities, and cut through the noise and distractions. Through highly customized training modules and coaching, you’ll learn to simplify systems, strengthen fundraising strategies, and leverage your unique value and style.

The Magnify your Mission™ System and Mindset will have you…

  • Setting clear and simple goals with an uncomplicated business model to get there.


  • Excited to share your story and ask for the right help you need. No more thinking small.

  • Simplifying systems to avoid busy work and activities that don’t lead to revenue growth.

  • Ruthlessly prioritizing and right-sizing your energy and resources to fit the goals. Doing only the things that have a great impact.


  • Trusting yourself to advocate for what you need from partners and funders clearly and confidently.