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Our Approach

Leading an organization requires tremendous problem solving skills above all else. There is no secret formula — only the unique strengths of leadership and the vision for where the company is going. We can help assess, focus and position your business toward growth and profitability!

Has business only gotten busier and not more profitable? Do you want to improve the financial health and cash flow of you business? Do you see the potential for growth though improved customer service and brand image? Do you worry about the future of your organization as you consider retirement? Do you want to better build shared vision among staff and boards? Do you struggle to align your team around specific goals and desired results? Do you communicate clearly the envisioned future for your organization? What is your style of leadership?

Systemic strategic planning and management will align your focus around achieving your desired results.

Intention: where do YOU want to go?

Defining EXACTLY where you want to go is the essential first step in creating your desired reality! We will guide you through a process of defining critical performance indicators; stakeholder alliances, brand/ image, and financial indicators.

Organizations are most successful when they focus on intent and vision, letting forms, structures and systems emerge and disappear. This allows for maximum creativity! As leaders it’s critical we spend time envisioning the future in order to guide the organization to that point.

Focus: stay on YOUR path.

“Water has an impressive ability to adapt, to change, the configurations, to the power shift, to create new structures. But behind all this adaptability, making it all happen…. is the water’s need to flow… The forms change , but the mission remains clear.”

Margaret Wheatley

Fulfilling vision becomes the cornerstone of creating a customer-centered culture of organizational excellence. Like water flowing in a stream, creatively moving through many obstacles always with the focus and drive to achieve its goal – reaching the ocean!

Results… create YOUR reality.

We can help business leaders improve the health and resiliency of their business! Business owners and association executives achieve their goals of increased profitability, more free time, living out their mission!

Most business owners are challenged every day with: improving sales, managing cash flow, serving customers, complying with laws, marketing their business, managing financial information, and finding and keeping good people.

Core areas of service include: leadership development, business planning, strategic planning, sales training, marketing, business systems, human resources, profitability, financial systems, customer service, improving work/life balance.

By setting clear intention, and measuring progress toward success we can help you shape your future!